Small Slip Floats

these are our new redesigned slip floats that are great for fishing any depth. The small floats range from 6 inches to 10 inches in lenght. Great size for crappie and any light weight panfish etc. Holds up to 1/4oz weight.
Item 252
$4.99 /each

Medium Slip Floats

These floats great for catching crappie, bass, catfish, walleye and any other medium size fish. They range from 10 inches to 15 inches in length. Holds up to 3/8oz weight.
Item 251
$5.99 /each

Large Slip Floats

These floats are for the big cats and any other big big fish. They range from 15inches to 22 inches in length Use a 3/8oz weight
Item 250
$6.99 /each


Special Line

Use this special line to tie on your line as your bobber stopper, or depth finder
the elasticity of these special line will not damage your line or leave a soft
spot in your line.

Item 76 Black & Item 77 White



Lightninstrike Formula

Lightninstrike Formula
Spray on your jigs for that extra edge!

Item 450


Smaller Pouches

These are new lines are of smaller pouches for the fisherman that want to trave llite, they have 4 pages that will hold plenty of jigs, has a small pockets to put
your other small fishing tackle. (jigs in the picture not included) chose of 5 colors

Item 36

$13.99 /each


Large Pouches

These pouches were specially made to hold your jigs. Also keeps the
scent in the jigs if you decide to use the Lightninstrike Formula. The pouches
comes is 4 different colors. above is picture of how the jigs looks in the pouch.

Jigs are not included in the pouch!

Item 26

$14.99 /each


Other Pouches

The colors available are Pearl, White, Brown, Green, Shiny Green and Black.

Jigs are not included in the pouch!

Item 26

$19.99 /each


Sample Pouches

Here are pictures of one of our customer’s pouch, Mike

This pouch and
jigs are NOT FOR SALE. Just here to show how this pouch let´s you see exactly what you have and he has organized this pouch to maximize and save time when he goes fishing.
So you can grab any jig at a seconds notice. Also the pouch holds the scent in your jigs.

Our pouch works perfectly with our jigs or any jigs or lures you may own.